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No Bully Shakespeare

A focused anti-violence, healthy relationship curriculum

  • Objectives:      
  • 1- Provide a vocabulary for the discussion and identification of the roles played by each person in a bullying situation.                                                                                            
  • 2- Immerse the student in scenes from Shakespeare’s classic plays as vehicles to identify characters, their traits and how they exhibit bullying roles.            
  • 3- Identify and define healthy relationships and their nature in characters and student relationships
  • Target Ages: Five through fifteen; elementary through middle school students
  • Activities:       
  • 1- Hands-on exercises for empathy, character trait identification, improv- satin, skill development & transference                                                            
  • 2- Analysis of characters in a play to identify bullying roles and share similar   situations in the students’ experiences
  • 3- Identify how characters avoid bullying situations and act in a healthy               relationship 
  • 4- Role play improvisations based on students’ experiences and analyze choices and alternatives

  • Outcomes:       
  • 1- Students will be able to identify, articulate and understand the roles played in a bullying situation                                                                          
  • 2- Students will be exposed to high quality focused performance(s) of           scenes from Shakespeare’s classics                                                                                         
  • 3- Students will share or hear others share their personal stories about bullying and its effects on them                                                                      
  • 4- Students will identify, articulate and understand the use of alternative and non-violent behaviors and the components of a healthy relationship

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February 2015